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About us

Gudbrandsdal Energi is the local electricity supplier that became a national challenger to the major electricity companies.

We have always been concerned that our customers do not pay too much for the power they use.

At the same time, we see it as our duty as an electricity supplier to help reducing the power consumption. 

By using less power, you save both money and the environment. It's a way to live more sustainably.

That is why we have set ourselves a hair-raising goal: We will help our customers use 30% less power.

For us, reducing power consumption is a team effort for the climate and better personal finances.

We believe that together we can achieve a lot, because to waste less of the resources has never been more important. 

Technology provides us with great tools to reduce our power consumption. But technology is worth nothing without humans and our ability to make the right choices. At Gudbrandsdal Energi, we focus on people who can help you.

It is not without reason that we for several years have topped the customer satisfaction surveys such as the Norsk kundebarometer (BI) and EPSI.

We live by and for happy customers. 

Company Information:

Gudbrandsdal Energi AS
Company Registration Number: 916 319 983
Accountnumber: 15038645185
IBAN: NO9815038645185

Visiting address: Strandgata 39, 2640 Vinstra
Mailing address: Strandgata 39, 2640 Vinstra

Phone: 61294700
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