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General terms

Ad. § 2-1: The power supplier uses measurement data from the network provider at final settlement. In other settlements power supplier can use measurement data from the customer if they are available. If measurement data is not available when the facility should have been settled, power supplier reserves the right to stipulate / calculate consumption or send on account.

Ad. § 3-2: The first paragraph applies only to private consumers (households) with the product standard variable electricity (variable power price). In addition to information about the change of the price will be announced at Gudbrandsdal Energy’s website

Ad. our low price products: Our low price products is subject to both e-mail invoice/eInvoice and direct debits. Standard products are subject to eInvoice or e-mail invoice. If this is missing invoice charges incurred.

Gudbrandsdal Energy is not responsible for changes in public duties, VAT, or any other changes in the external conditions.

Moving generally requires new order on the new measurement point, except fixed price contracts that normally follows a customer.

Cooling Off: After Cancellation Act § 18 buyer has a 14-day cooling-off period when purchasing power.

Gudbrandsdal Energy reserves the right to refuse customers if there are reasonable grounds for this.

Replacing the power supplier will occur. 10 days after Gudbrandsdal Energy has received the order. This assumes that the correct data furnished by customer. Are you a customer of ours already, and just changing the product, changes occur from order date. Assuming that you do not have a current fixed price contract.

Energy consumption is settled in arrears according to actual consumption, with the exception of akontoproduktene. If the measured value is missing for billing consumption will be calculated for the period. Billing will be monthly.

Payment is due 14 days after the invoice date, 10 days for the industry. The distribution of consumption between readings used Gudbrandsdal Energy-adjusted feeding profile JIP.
Tariffs will apply.

When booking Gudbrandsdal Energi AS reserves it’s right to obtain credit information on our customers, and possibly rejecting clients based on this.

National declaration see www.nve.no/varedeklarasjon.

In case of any unpaid invoices Gudbrandsdal Energi uses Svea Finans for payment tracking.

Subject to change in energy prices, any mark-up, the introduction of pan-Nordic certificate market.

Additional provisions for businesses:
Ad. § 1-4: The right of cancellation does not apply to business

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General Terms

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