About us

Gudbrandsdal Energy is a national power supplier which has historically been among the cheapest on price. We will keep this up. From being a small power supplier in the Norwegian electricity market, the company has over the last 8 years had a significant increase in the number of new customers. The company is now among the 10 largest energy companies in Norway with its about 110.000 electricity customers.

The company is situated in the top league of having the most satisfied current customers.

Gudbrandsdal Energi AS was established in 1916 and owned by Nord-Fron, Sør-Fron, Ringebu and Øyer.

We will be open, inclusive, clear and long-term.

Gudbrandsdal Energy is located at Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen.

Company Information:

Gudbrandsdal Energi AS
Company Registration Number: 916 319 983
Accountnumber: 15038645185
IBAN: NO9815038645185

Visiting address: Strandgata 39, 2640 Vinstra
Mailing address: Strandgata 39, 2640 Vinstra

Phone: 61294700
Email: marked@ge.no
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