Markedskraft Lavpris YS EN

YS has an agreement with Gudbrandsdal Energi for the delivery of power to its members.

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Terms for this product:

When the supply of Markedskraft Lavpris YS is ordered, the following conditions apply:

- The agreement applies to the contract period negotiated between Gudbrandsdal Energi and YS.

- Gudbrandsdal Energi sells the power at a spot price plus a fixed amount of NOK 31,25 a month plus 2,5 øre/kWh including el-sertificates.

- Nordpool ASAs prices are the basis for the price.

- Subsequent billing. Monthly billing.

- The customer must have both Avtalegiro and eFaktura/e-mail invoice. Missing one or both of these will result in billing charges, respectively, kr 49, - each. Kid number for establishing this will be sent by e-mail.

- This agreement is only for YS members (personal households, not businesses).

- If a new agreement is not negotiated with YS, GE will change the member's product to Markedskraft (Spotpris).

 Generally, standard terms are negotiated between forbrukerombudet og KS. You can find these here.

Order Markedskraft Lavpris YS

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