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What does the meteorologist say

Publisert 12.11.2013, sist oppdatert 05.09.2017

Model discussion

The trend to less active weather later in the next week is seen similar among the models but a clear pattern is not discernible towards the end of the next week. It seems to be certain that at least for some days, pressure will be higher over the northern Atlantic and also the eastern parts of the continent over Russia will get rising pressure, leaving central and northern Europe in a trough of low pressure with cold and only moderately active weather. Currently there are no signs of a build-up of a major blocking over the northern Atlantic so that in the longer run it could get more unsettled and milder again over northern Europe. EC monthly suggests otherwise, though, so that uncertainty regarding the development near the end of the month is high. I think the next runs will continue with the calmer and slowly cooler trend for next week but major cold spells should not be presented.

Georg Müller  Point Carbon


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