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Statkraft “hair’s breadth” from turning off German turbines

Publisert 18.03.2014, sist oppdatert 05.09.2017

Gunnveig Jacobsen

(Montel) German power prices on Sunday were a “hair’s breadth” above the level at which Norwegian utility Statkraft determined it would switch turbines off and remove them from the market, spokeswoman Judith Tranninger said on Monday. Foto: Gunnveig Jacobsen

However, she did not give any details on how far below zero prices would have to fall before it would be economical to switch the units off.

Strong wind led to negative prices, with hour 4 falling to EUR -60.26/MWh in the day-ahead auction on Epex Spot, while the intraday market saw a low of EUR -17/MWh for the 15-minute contract between 00:45-01:00 CET.

According to Germany’s four TSOs – Amprion, Tennet, TransnetBW and 50Hertz – wind power output peaked at 24,777 MW at 02:30 CET on Sunday.

As the market leader, Statkraft sells 8,500 MW of renewables capacity, including 7,800 MW of wind power capacity, via the market premium model, current data from the firm shows. 5,018 MW of its wind power portfolio can be controlled remotely and can therefore potentially be switched off.

Trianel plants online
At Trianel and its direct marketing firm Gesy, which manages a renewables portfolio of 2,750 MW, no units were switched off on Sunday either. And on Saturday, only 50 MW was taken offline between 23:30 and 23:45 CET, company spokeswoman Nadja Thomas told Montel.

However, this was due to grid balancing, rather than pricing, issues, she added. The intraday price at this time stood at EUR -80/MWh on Epex.

But conventional generation units were ramped down in response to forecasts for strong wind.

“This is the first time Lünen has been taken offline for financial reasons,” said Thomas of the 750 MW hard coal-fired Trianel block, which began commercial operations last December.

The plant was expected to restart at 16:00 CET on Monday, she added.

Nora Kamprath Buli

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16:01, Monday, 17 March 2014

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