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OKG prepares Oskarshamn 1 (473 MW) decommissioning

Publisert 28.01.2014, sist oppdatert 05.09.2017

[caption id="attachment_1691" align="alignright" width="400"]Oskarshamns-kärnkraftverk Foto: Wikimedia Daniel Kihlgren[/caption]

(Montel) Swedish nuclear operator OKG will this year prepare an application for decommissioning its Oskarshamn 1 (473 MW) reactor, it said on Monday.

“It's important to emphasise that there is no decision on a permanent closure of the reactor. The fact that we're already preparing applications and permits for a future decommissioning is due quite simply to the long lead times in these processes,” OKG managing director Johan Svenningson said in a statement.

OKG will this year prepare an application to the Swedish Land and Environment Court for an environmental impact assessment and a permit for decommissioning and service operation.

“If we can organise an early environmental impact assessment, it means that we'll have a much shorter start-up period when the day comes for the decommissioning project to begin,” Svenningsson said.

Earlier this month Germany’s Eon – which owns a majority stake in OKG – told Montel it intended for the unit to be in operation until 2022.

Commissioned in 1972, Oskarshamn 1 is Sweden’s oldest reactor and has been plagued by technical issues in the last few years.

It was stopped for an unplanned outage on Monday morning due to an oil leak.

Eon has a 54.5% stake in OKG, with the remainder owned by Finland’s Fortum.

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