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Denmark limits solar power build to 20 MW annually

Publisert 12.06.2013, sist oppdatert 05.09.2017

Solar energyFoto: Wikimedia

(Montel) Denmark will not subsidise more than 20 MW of new solar power installations annually until 2020, its government said on Tuesday.

Subsidies to solar power installations will also be limited to private residencies and housing associations, while individual installations must not exceed 6 kW, the ministry of energy and climate said in a press release.

The amendments were made in the law regulating solar power subsidies, and come amid a huge expansion of solar power projects in Denmark.

Last week, the Danish association of solar cell owners estimated total installed solar capacity could pass the 600 MW mark already this year, should the subsidy scheme continue unabated. The speed of new building has been way above the government’s estimates of 800 MW of total solar capacity before 2020.

The amended law on solar power subsidies will be introduced shortly before the parliament, the ministry stated.

Under the amended law, private residencies and housing associations will permitted financial support of EUR 0.17/kWh produced over the first 20 years.

(1 EUR = DKK 7.45)

Øystein Meland

15:19, Tuesday, 11 June 2013

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