Spot Price GOO 15

Price: 00,00 øre/kWh | Fixed Price: 00.00 kr/mnd

This price follows the price in the Nordic power market Nord Pool. This means your price varies depending on supply and demand in the market. In addition to the Nord Pool spot price, the agreement has a premium of 6,9 øre/kWh (NOK) and 33 kr for guaranties of origin (this includes government-imposed electricity certificates). This agreement requires both AvtaleGiro and eFaktura/email-invoice. If these requirements are not met, you will receive an administration fee of 49 kr for missing AvtaleGiro and 49 kr for missing eFaktura/email-invoice. There will be no fees on your first invoice. GOO stands for guaranties of origin, which means that the government-imposed electricity certificates are purchased from renewable power producers. This contract has no fixed contract duration.

This agreement assumes:
AvtaleGiro & eFaktura
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