Power agreements

Choose pricing method that fits you.
Spot price agreements
Spot price agreements follow Nordpool's spot price in the area in which you live. This price varies from hour to hour in line with supply and demand. For hourly meters, we therefore charge you based on the hourly values, but if you do not have an hourly facility, we use the network owner's JIP (usage profile) for settlement.
Fixed price agreements
With a fixed price agreement, you bind yourself to a given period where you pay a fixed price per kWh. That is, you pay the same price during this period and have a predictable agreement. You will be notified when the fixed price period is nearing the end and you are free to choose which agreement you want.
Variable power agreements
A variable price agreement is an intermediate price between spot price and fixed price, and therefore the price does not change as the spot price. You have more predictability and will be notified of any price changes. The variable prices are set in line with the market, but with 14 days delay.
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